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LED lightbar with speaker

LED lightbar with speaker

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Product information:
Input voltage:> DC 5V 1A
Input interface: MicroUSB
Frequency response: 50-16KHZ
Dimensions (length, width, height): 181 * 16 * 18.5mm
Net weight: 86 grams
Software support: AGC; intelligent noise reduction; firmware update (upgrade through built-in serial port)
MODE/speed key: short press to switch to white-select mode; long press to change to red-select 5 speeds
Color/indicator key: short press to switch to white-select color; long press to change to green-select 4 brightness levels
Press two keys at the same time: press at the same time to turn blue-understand the environmental noise spectrum
Press and hold the color at the same time when powering on: enter the gain adjustment mode

1. Built-in high-sensitivity microphone (voice control)
2.32 color lamp beads
3. No less than 8 display modes
4.44 adjustable brightness level
5. Speed adjustable 5 levels
6.18 Color mode is adjustable
7. With AGC automatic gain control
8. Proprietary intelligent noise reduction algorithm, which can be used in noisy environments

Package Included:
1 *Rhythm light
1 *Charging cable
1 *Description

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